where is now here?

“…se acerca el momento de elegir:
el miedo, o el hambre

– El Amor y El Trabajo, Maria Folguera


Nowhere Kitchen is a content and service provider of experience designs starting with food: one of the basic human elements of survival and the foundation of culture. Behind this concept is an improvisational methodology of ‘cooking with what is there’ inspired by the practice of renewing leftovers. It was initiated by Pepe Dayaw as an ethnography of crisis where he cooked impromptu dinners in different houses in Madrid in 2012 (Es Cena). As a guest cook, he cooked with what was found in people’s fridges. Through various temporal residencies in Berlin from 2014 up to now, and through many invitations to cook in diverse situations all over the world , the project has been evolving into a living school on sustainability and collaboration. Other cooks with parallel stories got involved and many glocal contexts are finding our kitchen as a useful tool for creating dialogues or simply gathering people together. Currently, Nowhere Kitchen is a network of cooks / serendipities that pop-ups in every conceivable situation and also bring music – because the same cooks in the kitchen are the same who bring the beats.

Volksbühne, October 2015. Photo: Andi Weiland

Nowhere Kitchen has been found in:

B A L I • B A H I A • B E R L I N • B E R N • S T O C K H O L M
M A D R I D • R I O D E J A N E I R O • S A O P A U L O • M U N I C H
T A L L I N N • B I L B A O • V A L E N C I A • K U A L A L U M P U R
M A N I L A • L E M A R C H E • P I E D M O N T E • L O N D O N
O X F O R D • A M S T E R D A M • A S T U R I A S • B E L G R A D E
A N T W E R P • Z U R I C H • F L O R E N C E • N I C E • B R U S S E L S

For the past four years, we have been planting seeds, and its time to start growing them. In 2017, Nowhere Kitchen will be cultivating projects in:

M A N I L A • M A D R I D • B E R L I N •
S A L V A D O R  D A  B A H I A • W I N N I P E G • T A L L I N N • Z U R I C H

Do you want us to create Nowhere Kitchen in your city? Let’s start small, what’s your situation? What’s in your fridge? We can cook it, or we can show you how, and the format is up to you, we just help you make it happen: nowherekitchen@gmail.com