how can we serve you

I asked a man what Law was.
He replied it was the guarantee of the exercise of possibility.
That man was called Galli Matias. I ate him.

– Manifesto Antropofagico, Oswaldo de Andrade, May 1928

Pop-Up Dinner, Markthalle Neun, Berlin. June 2015 Photo: Kay Abaño

° you have a desire, a need, a dream, an idea, a given context; we have tools and methods to improvise with given limits and whats available on hand to realize what you want.

° we do live cooking. it means that we integrate the rituals and artistic process involved in cooking into the situation.

° we cook without following one recipe. Improvisation is about immediate associations, a meditation, a choreography that brings together local impulses and global memories. Recipes come after the experience, it is a leftover of what took place. Recipes are meant to inspire you for what comes next.

° we believe that opening the kitchen and creating it as a place of dialogue and discourse is a powerful tool of communication. we don’t see it very often. we value the process more than the product.

° cooking should inspire, not intimidate. It’s a tool to tell a story. It’s ok to make a mess in cooking, and make it visible, instead of hiding it. The kitchen is only really clean before and after the process.

° and before you think of buying what you need, first we ask, what do you already have. the best metaphor is the fridge. Sometimes we think we have nothing inside, but upon closer inspection, there is something. In fact, this is the basic service that we do, we can cook a meal for you and your friends with what you have in your fridge. Cooking with what is there, we start from there.

° we believe cooking is a site of re-search, and since not a lot of people are used to thinking so, you can be surprised with how much you can learn about who you are and our surroundings.

° cooking is not just a domestic chore, or a professional gastronomic activity. It is a basic human act of survival.

° Nowhere Kitchen is not a fixed format with a fixed set of needs, it is merely a methodology of improvisation that collaborates with a given need (yours). It is not a concept, but more a set of practices where concepts can be derived.

° Wanna read more? Try this love letter a couple wrote to us, after having been to one of our fridge dinners.

° Or watch this trailer of a dinner where we asked people to make a procession, eat with their hands, and walk in the streets with their eyes closed before tasting the main dish: