who we are

“…that while too many cooks in the kitchen could spoil the dish,
we believe it could inspire a whole lot of something elses…and a banquet.”
– a revision of a very old proverb

UnCommons: The Fight for the Common Wealth, Volksbühne, Berlin, October 2015 Photo: Andi Weiland

We are just like anybody…

We share commons:
we believe that the best school of cooking or of anything is learning by doing;
we believe that by cooking together, we can inspire, be inspired, and still come up with our own styles;
we all have cooking memories and thats where we grow our passion from: our own leftovers and dealing consciously with them;
we see cooking beyond making food and we use it as a way to tell our story;
we like to improvise because by doing so is how we cultivate and encounter serendipities, which make our lives a more beautiful story to tell

… and differences:
we come from different time-zones and disciplines: anthropology / choreographer / theater / music / communication design / sociology / fashion / meditation and organic healing / photography / change management / weaving / performance art / business management / and we are growing…

So cooking becomes a special experience for us. We have fun doing it, because we believe that the energies we put into it is also transmitted to those who eat it.



Managing cooks: Pepe Dayaw, Danilo Timm, Luter Filho,
Denis Altschul, Marie Capesius

Team cooks: Ayumi Saito, Asli Hatipoglu, Tim Schmelzer,
Renata Ovalle Saboya, Kotoe Karasawa, Nica Cor